If we ask anyone in any country what a photograph is, we will get several different answers and somehow all will be correct.But if we question what technically photography is, few will know how to respond.

The etymology of photography 

What is the origin of the photograph?

Have you ever stopped to think that, even indirectly, photography is involved everywhere?

I mean, it has enabled the exponential growth of technology.

Or do you think you would be reading this text on your smartphone or notebook if there was no photo?

Knowing the history of photography is important to understand how using light to create images has given us so much evolution – going through the globalization of a logo to the development of Hollywood blockbusters.

If we currently have the whole device available to take the perfect photo , in the past it was not so easy to make a beautiful photograph. In fact, it was not easy to shoot.


Embarking on the knowledge of the history of photography will show that if today a photographer can not be considered professional without understanding the speed of the shutter, ISO, diaphragm, zoom, among others, for more than a century they were forced to photograph – Ahem – without having a camera in hand.

To know the history of photography, we need to go back in time about a millennium.

The first description of something similar to a camera was written by the Arab Alhaken of Basra, who lived about 1000 years ago.

He discovered that images formed inside his tent when the sunlight through the cracks of the fabric. Something so much like drawing with light and contrasts, right?

Such technique was used years later, forming silhouettes from the sunlight, to help artists to realize their paintings.

There are reports that Leonardo da Vinci, dating from the sixteenth century, enjoyed this technique called the darkroom.


If we look at the history of photography completely, we will come to an unconventional result.

Since photographing, in short, is to use the light to reproduce images, such as silhouettes, we will need to go back to 350 years before the birth of Christ, from which is dated various experiences made by chemists and alchemists.

The production of images from a small hole has been serving humanity since before we realized how important it is.

Creating a camera is probably the most important part of the history of modern photography. It turns out that many years before the construction of the first camera in the molds similar to what we know its initial prototype had already been invented.